You'll Love our Boats
When you are the Captain you can chart your own course!

Our user friendly and easy to drive boats can easily accomodate up to 10 people and are designed for elegant comfort. The ample seating is amply upolstered, devoid of hard surfaces and can be pulled up to reveal lots of dry storage space so that the deck can remain uncluttered and precious items remain protected from the elements.
Dreamcatcher Boat Rentals - Table and Map

There is also a table with convenient beverage holders and a bimini roof will provide lots of shade from the sun. It's important to remember that sunburn is always a consideration on the water so be sure to pack sun block to protect sensitive skin from harmful UV rays.
Dreamcatcher Boat Rentals - Couches and Bimini

One of the best features of our boats is the easy entry to and from the water and easy boarding or disembarking at the dock. Convenient gates and a swimming platform with ladder keep life simple, especially for seniors, young families or those with limited mobility.
Dreamcatcher Boat Rentals - Ladder and Door

Now - no day on the water would be complete without some tunes, and our boats are ready with recessed speakers and a special connection jack for your iPod. We respectfully suggest however that you control your volume with sensitivity and consideration for other boaters who may be enjoying the peace and quiet of our waterways. We also provide a cell phone for your safety so you will never be out of touch.
Dreamcatcher Boat Rentals - Sound System

The controls of the boat are very simple to operate and our EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) engine has an electric starter and plenty of power for a full passenger load.. After about 15 minutes training, you can be seated in the luxurious captains chair, ready to explore Bermuda's waterways. It just doesn't get any better - so come on out and give it a try. No special skills are required but we do suggest that you make a reservation since spots go quickly!
Dreamcatcher Boat Rentals - Captain's Chair and Engine

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